10 Awesome Offline Marketing Ideas

The future may be digital, but, from trade shows to business cards, there’s plenty of life left yet in traditional advertising methods. In this week’s article we take you through our top 10 offline marketing methods.


1. Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to get your name, contact details and brand identity out there in the real world. Business cards are a necessity for any small business, but you shouldn’t just hand them out to new acquaintances, you should distribute them throughout the local area – in neighbouring businesses, doctor’s surgeries and notice boards – to boost your brand awareness locally.

2. Branded Merch

Branded merch is one offline marketing tactic that remains as popular as ever, and for good reason, it works! Having your brand embossed on a piece of stationery that an individual is likely to using for months at a time provides you with prolonged brand exposure, for minimal outlay.

3. Prizes

If you sell physical products, then why not use these as a free giveaway to generate some exposure for your brand? You could donate your products to be given away by a third party, or run the competition yourself. Either way, you’ll be able to generate some good brand awareness. People love free stuff!

4. Gifts

Sending out gifts and cards is a great way to establish a rapport with existing clients, and to reinforce a positive brand association. A well designed, personalised card, and a thoughtful gift, will ensure your business remains front of mind for customers and clients. 

5. Banners

Advertising doesn’t get much more traditional than good old fashioned banner ads. Whether it’s a short term promotion, or a long term branding exercise, banner advertising remains a great way to reach a lot of people, directly, and economically.

6. Trade Shows

Trade shows are usually thought of as networking-fests. But they’re also the perfect platform to show off your brand in the local business community. You may want to consider running a competition or giving away free gifts to ensure people keep stopping at your stall. Finally, make sure your display is as eye-catching as possible to take advantage of all that business foot traffic.

7. Canvasing

Canvassing is a cheap and effective way to get your brand out there in the local community. Put a bit of thought into your design to set your flyers apart from the crowd and create something that doesn’t just promote your brand, but provides something that people are actually keen to read.

8. Brand Your Car

If you have a company car, then it might be worth considering branding it. Vehicle graphics on vans and lorries are commonplace, but they are still relatively rare on normal cars, and tend to stand out when we see them. Depending on your business, vehicle graphics could be a good way to get your brand noticed in the local area.

9. Sponsorship

There are few better ways to promote your brand than sponsorship, and you don’t have to be McDonald’s or Coca Cola to do it effectively. You could sponsor a local marathon, an awards ceremony, or even just a local sports team.

10. Speaking

Finally, guest speaking is a tried and trusted way of getting more exposure for you and your brand. Identify an event relevant to your niche, come up with an interesting topic, contact the organizers and ask if you can speak. In many cases you will have to pay for the privilege, but in some you won’t. Either way, the chance to speak to a relevant and engaged audience is extremely valuable, and provides the opportunity to meet new people, generate leads and build brand awareness.

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