Personalised Coasters

Set of personalised coasters in a bed and breakfast
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Personalised Coasters

Personalised Coasters, the perfect gift.

These beautifully printed personalised coasters can be printed with any image, making them the perfect gift for a friend or relative. Maybe you have a unique design or a treasured memory that would bring joy to someone special in your life.


Relive a special moment every time you have a drink.

89mm x 89mm, 4mm thick and with a non slip cork backing and a high gloss front, these really look the part.


No minimum order

Order just one, or order 1000. send us your images here and we’ll happily send you back a proof, or call us on 01842 760370 if you need further assistance.



5-25 Coasters – 40% off

26-100 Coasters – 52% off

100-250 Coasters – 58% off

251+ Coasters – 66% off

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